THE COCOON is a soft and organic container within a hard and precise frame. It’s a dog's hideout, but also a table for its human fellow. It's a space, but also an object. Like many of the 'architecture-for-humans' we design, this Yorkshire Terrier house is formed mainly by voids and structures. We like to see it as more of a 'home' rather than a 'house'. THE COCOON is a sort of nest suspended on a micro-environment: the thin frame provides a buffer between the cocoon and the human territory –just like a garden creates a transition space between the privacy of a house and the city around it. Suspended and embraced, the dog will feel safe and cozy at the same time. Laying a glass top on the frame transforms it into a table, thus merging the dog house and a human’s furniture into one single piece. THE COCOON is a laser-cut cardboard structure wrapped in cozy fabric. It can be made of felt, neoprene, knitting or any other fabrica dog would feel comfortable in. In warmer weather, the cocoon may also be used without any fabric envelope, just with its naked structure. The outer frame can be easily hand mounted from regular steel pipes. Additional guitar tuning pegs and steel strings will provide the right traction for the cocoon inside the frame, while lending a fun aspect to the rigid steel element. It can host one or two dogs in different layouts in the same frame.
Authors: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes and Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz Team: Gabriel Mota, Carolina Magliari, Caio Armbrust, Giulia Lorenzi


Created in 1999, FGMF produces contemporary architecture, without restraints regarding the use of material and building techniques, seeking to explore the connection between architecture and its environment.Throughout these years we've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of architectural scales and programs. We believe that, just as life itself, architecture ought to be plural, heterogeneous and dynamic.

Grid House(2005-2008) | Barreto House(2014-2017) | Mirante House(2012-2016)

SIZE W1000 x D550 x H430
FAB. TIME 3-5 days